You look

good in that

pic, so why let

it go to waste?


We'll have a giggle

and work our magic

How much does it cost?

You can wipe your ex off the face of the planet...I mean off your pic for $10

Will any photo work?

Not all. We do our best, but some photos may be too tricky. You'll get a full refund if your ex is a big pain. 

Email your pic 

with your unwanted ex to

Subject: Delete My Ex

We'll work our magic

and you can kiss your

ex good bye.

Ding ding!

We send your ex-less pic

within 48 hours.

"He always dressed like a homeless man. So I deleted him."

"She could never keep up. I deleted her for somebody faster."

"I always pretended to listen to podcasts so she'd stop talking. It was time to delete her."

"I've never met anyone so clingy. Buh-bye...delete!"