Inspire your customers
with powerful videos and
engaging social media content.


Many businesses have adapted or are in the process of adapting by shifting their brands to the web. Are the videos you're creating thumb-stopping? We all scroll through our feeds at warp speed...until that eye-catching post makes our thumbs stop. LCM will help you create the content that will make people pause, keep you relevant during coronavirus and move customers to a sale.


We are actively working with clients at reduced prices to meet their video needs. Contact us and see how we can safely create content so you can keep making money. 


Lobster Claw was created out of a desire to build brands differently. We love clients who aren't afraid to stand out and make a difference. 


If you want to cast a wide net and create TV commercials in hopes that your brand will reach your customers, then Lobster Claw Media videos may not be the right fit for you. If you want your content to reach a target audience who wants/needs your products and services, then Lobster Claw Media's website and social media videos could be your solution to get attention.   

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Lobster Claw Media is based out of Kennebunk, Maine and Clifton Park, New York.

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Lobster Claw Media resides in Kennebunk, Maine and Clifton Park, New York and serves New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and beyond.